What is it like to be a part of the Doehle Danautic team? Hear it first-hand from our people.


Capt. Taru Hazari,
Head – Training & Development

“Working at Doehle Danautic is a very good and happy feeling. It’s a family environment, people are friendly and helpful, and such a conducive work environment motivates us to put in our best efforts and work as a team.”


Ramesh Patel,
General Manager – Finance

“It feels great working with an expanding organisation and such dynamic people. For me, it is like seeing my baby grow from the she was born. Just a great feeling. Having mentors who are visionaries and who work towards achieving their goals gives me a high. I feel proud being a part of Doehle Danautic.”


Virendra Wadhwa,
Free Personal Manager

“Doehle Danautic provides you with a new challenge every day that makes you think, learn and grow on the job as a person.”


Alphonsus Viegas,
Director – Technical

“Doehle Danautic to me is family. I have been here since July 2004 and cannot imagine myself working anywhere else. I am very emotionally attached to the company and have learnt a lot over a period of time. All the confidence that I have today is because of the company. People here have stood by me at all time through thick and thin.”


Suresh Kumar,
Sr. General Manager – Technical

“Working with DDI develops an individual in the unique art of problem-solving and decision-making, needless to say both are very important skills for business and life. Good decision-making requires a mixture of skills including creative development and identification of options, clarity of judgement, firmness of decision, and effective implementation, this is what DDI has inculcated in me and endeavours to do so with all its employees.”


Priti Singh,
Fleet Personnel Manager

“There is tremendous potential for growth, for the company along with its employees. Have freedom to work independently and new ideas were always welcome, which breaks monotonous routine jobs. Looking forward to a long innings with DDI.”


DDI is a power house for growth & exposure for shore staff. Which gives constant opportunity to work in different environments & experience the same.


With all possible means of support from your colleagues & seniors to perform the best your abilities in all circumstances.

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