The ship owning arm of Elektrans which is jointly owned by Mr Daniel Chopra and Mr Glen D’costa. Seeking new horizons…. a voyage only the enterprising few are willing to undertake.


As a principal transportation facilitator for goods worldwide, the shipping industry today has an interface with almost every industry. The complex integration has spawned many subsidiary services-verticals as extensions of the shipping industry – From the traditional shipbuilding and shipbreaking, to third party management, to NVOCC services et al.


However, at the centre of all these still remains Ship Owning and the Ship Owner. The nature and premise of ship owning may have morphed over the recent past, but the traditional responsibilities still remain. In fact, the increased risk, scrutiny & compliance, exposure, public view and attention demand a much higher standard of care by today’s responsible Ship Owners.


Owning ships has and always will be a demanding role with the cyclical nature of the business. Historically only the brave ventured out to sea, today only the enterprising are willing to take on the challenge. After having delved into almost every other facet of the shipping industry over the past decade, we have now charted a new course into Ship Owning with Gauri Ships.


Drawing on experiences gained, our focus is to use modern operational methodology with ship owning at Gauri Ships and to venture out even further as we extend our entrepreneurial wings.

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