Management Team


(COO – Gauri Ships)


Nationality: Indian


Qualification: Masters (Unlimited), HND (Nautical Sc)


Professional Experience:Capt. Arun Mehta’s maritime experience spanning 25 years involved 17 years at sea and was distinguished as the youngest Master of the Borgestad AS fleet.
Stepping ashore in 2006 he got involved with various training activities ranging from training cadets to pilots & trainers to being instrumental in developing various simulators & training tools.
His cross spectrum interface with industry bodies, OEMs, Shipping companies, Insurers and training establishments has led to an expertise in developing customized training, evaluation and information dissemination systems and tools that strategically serve the industry’s needs.

In 2012, he was invited by IMO to conduct the first ‘Train the Trainer & Assessor for Simulators’ course at the Shanghai Maritime University.

In 2013, he took up the challenge of setting up the training for Thome Shipping India and subsequently to run the operations of AMTI.

In 2015, he was appointed as the COO for Gauri Ships


Duties and responsibilities: Currently he oversees the operations for Gauri Ships.