As a genuine initiative to uplift and assist the society, Elektrans initiated the Padma Welfare Trust on 20th May, 2009. The mission of the Trust, taken from the initial letters of Doehle Danautic India, is Diya, Disha and Ichha, as spelt out in its tag-line.

Diya signifies a ray of hope, Disha is for showing the right direction, and Ichha is recognition of every person’s desire to be accepted as an individual who wants to live a life of dignity.


In keeping with its motto, The Padma Welfare Trust is nurturing the lives of many youngsters who dream about excelling but don’t have the necessary means.


Padma Welfare trust doesn’t limit its reach to one section/division. PWT focuses on the genuineness of the need, irrespective of the section.


The trust also assists the ailing, accident victims with financial support. In house doctors are sent to pay regular visits to the patient at the hospital.


Currently the trust is actively participating in the Tiger watch activity at Ranthambhore. The trust supports the health care plan for the Mogya’s (traditional nomadic tribal hunters of south Rajasthan) suffering from ailments like TB, piles, and other severe diseases by providing financial assistance to the Ranthambhore Sevika Hospital. At this hospital the Mogya families under the umbrella of the rehabilitation program get free medical treatment and subsidized medical aid.


Sponsoring the studies of individuals, distribution of food and clothing are some of the regular activities at PWT.


Recently PWT has supported the Rotary Club at Mahim by being the title sponsor of the event “Dil Ek Mandir” organised to raise the funds for the following projects:

  • Protecting health and safeguarding environment by providing bio gas plants at Zarap Village in Kudal Taluka, Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra.
  • Empowering weaker sections by helping them to use computers, distributing educational material at schools.
  • Medical check up camps and distribution of medicines and spectacles for needy sections of community (cardiac, eye, dental, prostate gland, thalassemia)
  • Sponsoring mid day meals to visually challenged students at ruia college
  • Supporting the palliative care centre for cancer patients at Tata Memorial Hospital.